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Experience The Serenity of a Shearling Coat

Serenity: it doesn’t live on the bargain rack or go home two-for-the-price-of-one. Serenity takes time and natural development. The Redwood Forests, the Grand Canyon, the Atlantic on a winter morning, all these remind us that serenity starts and ends in the strength and endless change of the natural world.

For you, serenity waits in the timeless beauty of a shearling coat. Nature knew what she was doing, and you can take her wisdom home with a fine wool jacket. In cold climates and temperate, shearling keeps your body naturally climate-controlled through its moisture-wicking properties. But function isn’t all that shearling coats offer: the lines are flattering and form-fitting, the accents varied and suited to any taste.

Experience serenity. Experience shearling at D’Andre New York.