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At D'Andre New York we are dedicated to producing sheepskin coats and jackets that embody modern energy and luxurious style. Catering to a hip, high-end clientele, our sheepskin jackets and lambskin coats always conform to top-caliber standards.

With each sheepskin coat and jacket we create for you, our passion for form-fitting, personal style shines through. Each creation is custom designed and tailored, all specifically to your measurements and needs. So, you can expect that any piece of shearling outerwear we design is sure to bring out the best in you while giving you that cozy feeling only a perfect fit can provide.

Because every lambskin coat and jacket we make is truly suited to your form, our representative will go over all the necessary details with you. It will take up to three weeks for the finished work to be shipped. All sheepskin coats from us can find complementary services to help maintain their beauty and integrity for long-term enjoyment.

Sheepskin Coats
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