Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualities I should look for in a shearling coat?

A shearling coat or sheepskin jacket should be lightweight, warm, comfortable to wear, require low maintenance and make you feel like a million bucks.

Will rain or wet snow ruin my shearling?

You should not wear your shearling in pouring rain, but mild rain and snow will not ruin your shearling. Just shake off the water when you get home and let your coat or jacket dry in an open, well ventilated space, then brush the water stains off with a lint brush when the coat is completely dry.

Will my sheepskin coat or jacket shed?

Sheepskin of good quality does not shed. There might be some loose fur fibers left after the cutting and sawing process, but the coats should be vacuumed before reaching the customer. If you notice some fur fibers on your cloathing in the first few times you wear your coat, use a sticky roller to remove them.

What type of shearling should I choose for the coldest temperatures?

Since Toscana (straight long fur) and Tigrada (curly long fur) pelts have longer fur than Merino and Tornado, they are naturally warmer, but shearling in general is one of nature's best insulators. The hide and wool create a natural heat-trap, protecting you from the winter chill.

How often should I clean my coat?

At D’Andre NY we help our customers maintain the integrity of the shearling coats and jackets we create for them. We offer an annual complimentary service which includes cleaning, press and any necessary repairs or alterations for the life of the coat. The coats cannot be washed in a washing machine or sent to an ordinary cleaner. Only specialty cleaners should be employed.

How should I store my shearling coat in the summer?

Shearling coats and jackets should be stored in a dry place and away from direct sunlight. Breathable garment bags should be used to protect them from dust particles. Wide shoulder hanger will prevent the shoulders from stretching out. The coats should not be stored in plastic and should not be folded in a box. Unlike furs, it is not necessary to store shearling in cold temperatures.

How long will my shearling coat last?

With proper care you should be able to enjoy your shearling for many years to come. A good shearling coat is truly an investment in your comfort and once you find the perfect one, you will not need to buy another coat for a while unless you want to.