The shearling we use to produce our coats come from Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Most of the pelts are dyed with natural plant extracts, which results in richer colors while minimizing static of the product. Our shearling is crafted entirely by hand and requires over 60 procedures. Environmentally friendly machinery is used in the dying process. We hand pick our pelts, choosing only the highest grades, allowing our sheepskin coats and jackets to be lightweight and durable.

All of our creations are exclusively styled and manufactured in New York City by European-trained artisans. The garments undergo a meticulous quality control before reaching our customer. Special sizes from petite to extra large as well as custom combinations of style and color are available. All orders require a price quotation and are based on availability of materials.

We believe that you deserve to be nurtured, so you can trust us to deliver shearling coats and jackets that are truly worth the investment.

D'Andre New York Shearling